The year 2023 was a turbulent chapter in the history of global energy markets. From the heights of optimism to the depths of uncertainty, this year tested the resilience of economies, shaped geopolitical dynamics, and underscored the ever-volatile na...

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Oil Prices at a 10-month-high
Amazon Prime Day - The Biggest Sale Event

Exciting news! Amazon Prime Day 2023 is just around the corner. And we all know what that means, or do we?What is Amazon Prime Day?Prim...

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SEC Strikes again: Binance and Coinbase lawsuits

The two biggest crypto exchanges Coinbase and Binance are under attack! The United States Securities andExchange Commission (SEC) start...

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The SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit - everything you need to know

What is the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit?Ripple Labs was created in 2012 and its main goal was to offer financial institutions fast and affor...

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Top 4 Tech Performers For This Spring

It’s the season when quarterly reports are released! Buckle up.Spring earnings season is a very important period for investors, traders...

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