CFD Futures

CFD Futures

All futures contracts have dates of when they mature. In order to allow our clients to trade without interruption, Limit Prime Securities opens new futures contract 7 days before expiring existing one (please note that this period is not guaranteed and it  can variate). In that period you can just close your opened trades, but you can not open new trades with existing futures. In that period you can continue to trade with new futures contract.

List of upcoming CFD Futures expiring:

InstrumentCurrent Traded ContractClose Only DateDate of ExpiryNext Traded Contract
Natural GasApr 2023 (Nat.Gas_J23)


28/03/2023Apr 2023 (Nat.Gas_K23)
CottonApr 2023 (CT_K23)16/04/202323/04/2023Apr 2023 (CT_K23)
CoffeeApr 2023 (KC_K23)12/04/202319/04/2023Apr 2023 (KC_K23)
SugarApr 2023 (SB_K23)23/04/202330/04/2023Apr 2023 (SB_K23)
CocoaApr 2023 (CC_K23)16/04/202323/04/2023Apr 2023 (CC_K23)
Orange JuiceApr 2023 (OJ_K23)23/04/202330/04/2023Apr 2023 (OJ_K23)
SoybeanApr 2023 (ZS_K23)20/04/202327/04/2023Apr 2023 (ZS_K23)
WheatApr 2023 (ZW_K23)20/04/202327/04/2023Apr 2023 (ZW_K23)
CornApr 2023 (ZC_K23)20/04/202327/04/2023Apr 2023 (ZC_K23)
CopperMar 2023 (Copper_K23)


28/04/2023Apr 2023 (Copper_N23)

List of Futures

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