Investiciono društvo Limit Prime Securities AD Podgorica was established on 01.06.2017. It was registered in the Tax Administration - Central Register of Commercial Entities in Podgorica under the number 40009505.

Investiciono društvo Limit Prime Securities AD Podgorica has a licence for the performance of the affairs of certified securities market participant. Work licence is issued under number: 03/2-6/2-17 on May 18, 2017 and was granted by Montenegro Capital Market Authority for the performance of the following affairs:

  • Mediation in purchase and sale of securities upon the order of a customer (on its behalf and for another's account) with the collection of commission (broker affairs);
  • Trade of securities on its behalf and for its account in view of achieving the price difference (dealer affairs);
  • Management of securities portfolio belonging to another person (investment manager affairs);
  • Provision of advice to an investor or potential investor with regards to the advantages of purchase, sale, registration or takeover of securities (investment advisor affairs).

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