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Black Swan event is a metaphor used for the events, particular activities, or transactions that cannot be predicted or even expected to happen. This term was tailored by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a former Wall Street trader, who has also written a well-...

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What is a Black Swan?
Day Trading Strategies (Part 2)

We have already posted about the two best day trading strategies that we recommend. Here, we will continue and write about the remainin...

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Day Trading Strategies (Part 1)

After you established that your trading style is day trading, you can now think of a strategy around it and how to make it work best fo...

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Fundamental vs Technical Analysis

Fundamental and technical analysis are two of the most common forms of analysis when it comes to trading. Even though you will meet inv...

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Is Leverage Good for Trading?

The leverage in online trading is using borrowed money to increase a net profit. When investors decide to use leverage, they borrow fun...

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Japanese Candlestick Charts Explained

What is a Japanese Candlestick chart?Candlestick charts were developed in Japan in the 1700s and were among the first market charts in...

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What Are Support And Resistance Levels?

Support and resistance levels are among the most important aspects of technical analysis. All other technical analysis methods and fact...

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Find A Trading Style That Suits You (Part 2)

In the previous article, we defined the trading styles, what personality traits suit some of those better and described three of them....

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Find A Trading Style That Suits You (Part 1)

Just as we are all unique, so are the trading styles people adopt when investing.When you choose a trading style that suits your person...

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